Makeup mistakes

Every woman always wants to look fresh and young. There are a lot of ideas for this purpose, including decorative cosmetics. However, makeup does not always express exactly what his mistress wanted to say – sometimes women get exactly the opposite result.
In order not to add extra years to your looks, you need to know what mistakes should be avoided when applying cosmetics.

Foundation – how not to overdo it?

Mistake №1: the tone of the product does not match the skin tone

This is the most common mistake of many girls. It is worth choosing a tonal remedy to match the skin, while taking into account the changing seasons.
No need to use the same shades in summer and winter – it will look unnatural.
The unnaturally dark shade of the skin of the face looks not only vulgar, but also adds years.

Mistake №2: too much foundation, powder or concealer

Due to the application of excessive amounts, the tonal agent may crack in the areas of facial wrinkles; instead of the perfect skin effect, you can get a face mask and add extra wrinkles.

Mistake №3: applying tone to not moisturized skin

Dry skin, when applying a toner, can present an unpleasant surprise – the formation of pellets, flakes, uneven distribution. You should remember that the skin needs to be nourished and moisturized constantly, and not to hope that the foundation will surely conceal the disadvantages of your face.

Eye Makeup Oversights

Mistake №1: spider eyelashes

In pursuit of chic eyelashes, you can make them up to the likeness of spider paws.
To avoid this, you need to apply a minimal amount of mascara, and remove its excess with a special brush-comb for eyelashes.

Mistake №2: wrong shadow color

Shadows of cold shades visually age. Pearlescent shadows applied over the entire eyelid can highlight all unwanted wrinkles. Mother of pearl is appropriate in the inner corners of the eyes or as an accent in the middle of the eyelid. To look fresh it is better to use warm matte shades.

Mistake №3: solid black outline around the eyes

This technique, contrary to popular belief, visually makes the eyes smaller.
Fans of eye-dropping should pay attention to natural colors – it is better to change black to softer brown.
Clear lines and sharp color transitions make the face visually older, so the contours need to be carefully shaded.

Mistake №4: too “drawn” eyebrows

Use a pencil and shadows so that the eyebrows look as natural as possible.
And the most successful form of eyebrows is the one that nature has awarded, but it needs to be refined from time to time.

Wrong lip makeup

Mistake №1: lip liner over the natural contour

This is far from the best way to visually enlarge the lips. Using this technique, there is a chance not only to look vulgar, but also to get the effect of a painted mustache.

Mistake №2: lipstick too bright

Undoubtedly, there are times when a bright lipstick is appropriate, however, do not forget that such colors on the lips visually make older. Moreover, you need to skillfully combine brightly highlighted lips with the rest of the makeup, in order to avoid color screening.
To make your face look younger it is better to use natural light shades of lipsticks – they help make lips more voluminous.

Mistake №3: lip liner and lipstick mismatch

When the lip contour, in comparison with the shade of a lipstick, is too dark, it looks untidy and unnatural. A light liner in combination with dark lipstick will make the lips visually smaller.
The best option is the closest match of the shades of the lipstick and the liner.

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