How to choose a watermelon

Watermelon belongs to those berries, the choice of which for many buyers is a difficult procedure. Someone cannot choose only ripe and tasty watermelons with 100% accuracy, however, following some rules, you can maximize the chance of a quality choice of watermelon.

How to choose and buy ripe watermelon

  1. Choose a large but light watermelon. The likelihood that a small watermelon just did not ripen is very high. Also keep in mind that gigantic fruits may contain a lot of nitrates.
  2. Choose those berries whose tails are dry. The spot on the side of the watermelon should be a hard shiny crust, the color is orange or bright yellow.
  3. Usually tasty, ripe watermelons crack when squeezed.

Keep in mind that the Astrakhan variety is grown throughout the Russian Federation, and this does not mean that the watermelon is grown in Astrakhan.

Characteristics of Watermelon Pulp

  1. Red-violet tint of watermelon pulp indicates an excessive amount of nitrates in the berry. A perfectly smooth cut surface is also characteristic of fruits that contain hazardous chemical additives. Usually those berries that are grown without chemical fertilizers are rough and contain quite a lot of small grains.
  2. To check the watermelon pulp for nitrate content, it is enough to put a piece of pulp in a glass of water. If the water turns red or a single color, it means that the watermelon contains a lot of nitrates or chemicals. From the pulp of a quality watermelon, the water will simply become cloudy, and will not turn red.

Try these tips so that you won’t harm your health at your own expense. If you have your own way of choosing a watermelon, please share it with the visitors of our site using comments.

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