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With the fast pace of modern life, often there is not enough time for a full sleep. Therefore, tonic and hot drinks have become very popular.
What do you drink most often? Of course coffee.
The driver, leaving on a long journey in the morning, the student after sleepless nights before the exam and many other people tend to drink a cup of coffee in the morning, but stronger. There is a strong belief that this drink invigorates. But is this really so? Let's try to figure it out.

Does coffee invigorate? Or "If you want to sleep soundly, have a cup of coffee and go to bed."
The effect of energy gives caffeine, which is contained in the outer shell of grain. And it acts only 25-30 minutes. During this period, a person's blood vessels narrow and, as a result, blood pressure rises. But the vessels of the kidneys expand. After 30 minutes, another substance begins to act - theobromine. And it causes drowsiness and low blood pressure, as well as impaired renal function.
This factor is associated with the fact that the greatest number of accidents occurs approximately 40-50 minutes after leaving the road. The driver drinks coffee in the morning, rides briskly for 30 minutes, and then begins to fall asleep under the action of theobromine.
And one more important fact. Very often, the top of coffee beans is removed and used to produce caffeine-containing drugs. And from what is left, they make coffee. Accordingly, such a drink does not contribute to any vigor. Therefore, contrary to popular belief, instant coffee can be drunk calmly at night. Also, instant coffee does not cause an increase in pressure, so hypertensive patients can use it without fear.
Coffee has a diuretic effect and can cause dehydration. Therefore, after a cup of this drink, you should definitely drink a cup of cold water. This rule is followed in all good coffee houses.
And, good news for the fair sex: coffee absolutely does not contain calories, provided that it is consumed without sugar and cream.

Tea is a refreshing drink

But black or green tea does not have theobromine in it, so it is good to use it as a tonic. Tea leaves contain thein. This substance is similar to caffeine, but acts for a longer time. Therefore, after tea, a person does not fall asleep much longer.
Residents of China, Thailand and other countries share an interesting fact that tea brewed in milk has the best invigorating effect. After drinking a cup of this drink, you can stay awake the whole night. And they cook it like this:

Milk tea

Pour tea, sugar and pour a small amount of water into a teapot, pan or other vessel. Bring to a boil, add a little milk and wait until it boils again. Then again pour cold milk and bring to a boil. This is repeated until the vessel is full.

Is it worth brewing tea a second time

Drinking tea that has stood for a day or has been brewed several times is strictly prohibited. It contains substances that adversely affect the work of the digestive tract.
But rinsing with old tea of ​​the mouth will help with ulcers or gum disease. They also have good eye wash for conjunctivitis. And the used tea bags will remove the "bags" under the eyes.
Each person has situations when you really want to sleep, but you need to stay awake. And this is understandable: after all, the pace of life is accelerating more and more, time flies unnoticed. Therefore, coffee and tea have become very popular among hot drinks. But as a tonic drink, the second should be preferred.

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