The word “ganache” itself is a French ambiguous term. In one word “Ganache” is explained as – chocolate cream.


The sphere of application of ganache is to fill candies, and also serves as an ornament for desserts and cakes.

The main ingredient in making ganache is chocolate. The composition and color of chocolate does not really matter, it can be either white or black, as well as with different percentages of cocoa.
The second component for ganache is mainly cream, although it can be easily replaced with milk, water, wine, or other alcoholic beverages and fruit juices.

Ganache, depending on the amount of chocolate, is prepared in two ways:
melted chocolate is mixed with the second liquid component,
or a hot liquid component is poured onto chopped chocolate, with a large amount of chocolate – melted.
The main indicator of a properly prepared ganache is the type of emulsion, shiny, without grains and irregularities.

If you want to add flavoring to the ganache, then this should be done while it is warm.
To make ganache sweet, it is not recommended to use sugar, but only honey or glucose syrup.

Often, after cooling, the ganache does not reach the desired thickness. In these cases, you have to add a thickener for the cream, or stand for 10-15 hours.

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