Deglating is a culinary technique that allows you to use the viscous mass that remains in the pan after frying food (usually meat) in the preparation of dishes.
The fact is that after frying, a thick layer remains on the bottom and sides of the pan, which has a whole bouquet of aromas that are easy to release.
For example, in England this roast is called fond, which also translates as “base”.
Deglating - cooking technology

To prepare a sauce from such a mass, it is enough to add liquid to the pan with it. This can be wine, water, broth, cream, and other ingredients.
When the liquid begins to boil, it is necessary to scrape off the mass from the walls and bottom, bringing it to homogeneity. Then the excess liquid is filtered off, and what remains can be used as a ready-made sauce or the basis for it.

In Russian cuisine, a semblance of such sauces is the well-known gravy, which is obtained during the preparation of meat.

In some cases, the concept of “de-glamor” has other meanings:

  • The term is used in relation to the process of removing excess fat from the surface of finished products.
  • It can mean the process of eliminating the burnt taste from the finished dish by adding a small amount of vinegar or dry wine during cooking.
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