Al dente

The word combination “al dente” in cooking refers to the degree of readiness of products, namely, when, after heat treatment, they retain sufficient internal elasticity.
Most often, the phrase is used in relation to pasta, which, when finished, should be slightly undercooked inside.

From the Italian language, the concept of al dente literally translates as “by the tooth”. This means that in order to achieve the required hardness, the pasta must be constantly tasted during cooking, because seconds count. However, you should not confuse the product brewed “al dente” with raw.

Not every pasta can be prepared using the “al dente” method, but only the one made from durum wheat flour.
This cooking method has a positive effect not only on the taste of the finished dish – al dente pasta contains more fiber and complex carbohydrates, which are better absorbed by the body.

It takes some skill to cook rice or vegetables to that state.
For example, if we are talking about carrots or broccoli, then they should be completely cooked – there should be no raw areas inside. As for rice, it is most often prepared in this way for risotto. Moreover, each grain of cereal should crunch pleasantly when bitten.

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