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Recipes of cold soups are in many national cuisines of the world. Tasty, healthy, they can be both light and easy to prepare, and hearty, with a complex set of ingredients. They are especially good in the summer, in the heat, when you want coolness and freshness, but at any other time of the year it will be nice to eat a bowl of such a soup seasoned with fragrant spices, fresh herbs or a leaf of fragrant mint.

Cold soups are easy to digest and are well suited for dietary nutrition: nutritious, low-calorie and light, they will not only not spoil the figure, but will also help tone it. Due to the lack of heat treatment, many recipes preserve vitamins and useful substances of products - a real storehouse of health! Among the many cooking options there are suitable dishes for vegetarians, vegans and even raw foodists - take at least the famous gazpacho soup or light cucumber soup.

For true gourmets, soups with mushrooms, boiled meat, ham, bread, wine vinegar, avocado, lime and even cherry in wine were invented - everyone will find something special for themselves from all over the globe. Only the tarator, popular in Bulgaria and Macedonia, is able to pleasantly surprise with its unusual taste with a light spice of garlic and a touch of walnuts, and Spanish salmorejo will delight lovers of a hearty dinner.

The cuisine of the Slavic peoples is also rich in recipes of summer soups: [url = /1879-svekla-holodnik.html] beetroot [/ url], a cold store and, of course, everyone’s favorite okroshka: it can be cooked on kvass and kefir, with meat or chicken, lean, dietary and hearty - many families have their own "signature" way of preparing a refreshing soup.

Cold soups will add variety to the menu and decorate the table: these light dishes look beautiful and will not leave indifferent connoisseurs of good cuisine.

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