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Mushroom Soup

Photo of the finished dish: Mushroom Soup

Recipe Recommendations "Mushroom Soup"

From the products indicated in the ingredients, you will end up with 8 servings of soup. In the photographs, 2 times more products were used.

Recipe ingredients

Mushrooms can be taken either ceps or champignons.

Cooking French Mushroom Soup

Step 1

Melt the butter

Melt the butter in a saucepan.
The pan should not be taken very small, so that during cooking it will not be replaced with a larger one, since it will have to pour the broth into it.

Step 2

fry finely chopped onions

In a saucepan heated with butter, fry finely chopped onions.
Add finely chopped mushrooms and continue frying for another 5 minutes.

Step 3

add flour

Mixing directly on the stove in the pan add flour.

Step 4

Pour chicken broth after flour

Pour the chicken stock after the flour. While mixing, bring the soup to a boil.
Once the broth boils, add parsley and celery.

Step 5

cooks 45 minutes

All this must be cooked for 45 minutes on low heat.

Step 6

listen from the pan for parsley and celery

Next, listen to the parsley and celery from the pan, and pour the broth into other dishes.

Step 7

solids were ground using a blender

According to the recipe, the solid components of the soup must be passed through a sieve, however, the recipe is old and it was visible at that time there were still no mixers and food processors, so we chopped it all with a blender.

Step 8

get a mixture, as in the photo

The result is a mixture, as in the photo.
Mushroom-onion mass will have to be mixed again with the broth.

Step 9

beat the yolks with cream

Leave the broth alone and with a whisk, beat the yolks with cream.

Step 10

add whipped cream and yolks to the hot soup

With a thin stream, stirring, add whipped cream and yolks to the hot soup.
Again we put the pan with mushroom soup on the fire.

Step 11

bring to a boil

While stirring, heat the soup puree but do not bring to a boil.

Step 12

Serve with croutons

It remains only to salt to taste and serve with croutons.

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