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Ishli Kufta

Photo of the finished dish: Ishli Kufta

Recipe Recommendations "Ishli Kufta"

By the way, in Armenian cuisine there are several recipes for kyufta - "kari kyufta", "kyavari kyufta", "etchmiadzni kyufta".

Photos - kufta etchmiadzni

Previously, “Ishly Kufta” was often prepared by Turkish Armenians - those Armenians who moved to Armenia from Turkey. Ishli-kufta is very popular in Armenia and almost no festive table is complete without this national dish.

According to the structure of “Ishly Kufta” it is a double cutlet.

The outer part went, this is fresh tender minced beef with blgur, which is cooked in salted water during cooking.

Blgur - crushed wheat that undergoes heat treatment with water. After processing, "blgur" is dried under the sun and purified from bran.

The stuffing "went kufta" is fried minced meat, as in Armenian pancakes, with spices and Greek nuts.
Ishli looks very nice when cut in half. Served went to the table with lemon necessarily.

This culinary recipe belongs to the category of recipes, the preparation of which is better to see once than read 7 times.

If you are going to cook this recipe for the first time, take the ingredients in small quantities, as the black mass cannot be left for later. Blgur becomes unusable and swells a lot.
It is important that during cooking the kuft does not fall apart, that the walls of the outer cutlet are thin and it is filled to the brim with the filling.

How to cook Armenian Ishli-Cuvts at home

Step 1

mince beef and onion three times through a meat grinder

Pass fresh beef and peeled onions (1-2 pcs.) Twice or thrice through a fine grid of a meat grinder and mix thoroughly.

Step 2

minced meat turned into sticky dough

We proceed to the preparation of the upper layer of the “came-kuvts”.
We take less than half the ground beef (we will use the rest for the filling) and add boiled warm water. The amount of water should be so that the forcemeat turns into a sticky dough similar to plasticine.
There we add an egg, a little flour, red and black pepper and if you need some more warm water so that the mince does not lose its sticky texture.

Step 3

Soak the blgur in warm water

Soak the blgur in warm water. Often, housewives boil a bit of blgur. However, in the classic culinary recipe Ishli Kufty, the blgur is simply soaked in warm water. Soaking time from 30 minutes to one hour.
Stir the swollen blgur with a little vegetable oil.

Step 4

We mix the blgur with sticky stuffing

Mix the blgur with sticky minced meat and leave for 10-15 minutes.

Step 5

cooking toppings

While the forcemeat of the upper layer is “resting”, we proceed to prepare the filling for “went kufta”.

Step 6

Put the cooked stuffing in the refrigerator

Take the remaining ground beef and fry with chopped onions, as in the preparation of the filling of Armenian pancakes. Add chopped walnuts and greens to the skillet with minced meat. No salt needed.
Put the cooked stuffing in the refrigerator. Stuffing with cold meat and going to the kuft are more convenient.

Step 7

take a serving of minced meat with blgur and form a ball

For the filling went prepare a bowl of warm lemon water. Place pots of minced meat next to lemon water.
Soak your hands in lemon water, take a serving of minced meat with blgur for the top layer, and form a ball.

Step 8

use your fingers to sculpt a cup

From a meat ball, in a palm with your fingers sculpt a cup. In this bowl of minced meat, generously put the filling.

Step 9

Close the edges to make lemons

Close the edges of the “cup” in such a way that you get lemons as in the photo.

Step 10

Go kuftu one by one put in boiled water

Pour water into a saucepan, salt and bring to a boil.
Go kuftu one by one put in boiled water. Cooking time went in boiled water for about 10 minutes. It is necessary to cook on low heat so that the go-kufta does not fall apart.

Step 11

went kufta optionally fried in butter

In some families, the ready-made kufta was fried in butter on both sides until a crust appears.

Step 12

Ishli kyufta served with lemon slices and herbs

To the table Ishli kyufta is served in a large dish with slices of lemon and herbs. If desired, individual kufta can be cut in half.
Before use, “Ishli Cuvta” should be poured with lemon juice.

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Arina 21 December 2020 22:29
Quote: Richard Garabedian
You can boil in water? we fry them

It's up to your preferences. Both options are possible!
Richard Garabedian 21 December 2020 21:06
You can boil in water? we fry them
AraVos Offline 8 April 2020 10:53
Quote: Novellian
Why do you have to use Turkish names to this dish?

What do you think this dish is called in Armenian?
Novellian 8 April 2020 10:37
Why do you have to use Turkish names to this dish? Don’t you know the Armenian name to this Armenian
“ national dish”? It’s about time we do away with all these Turkish names to our dishes.

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