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Veal in the oven

Photo of the finished dish: Veal in the oven

Recipe Recommendations "Veal in the oven"

Veal cooked according to this culinary recipe is usually served with an old Russian sauce-brew.
Cooking broth requires enough time, so if you are going to use broth as a sauce for meat, first prepare it according to this recipe "Prepare lingonberry broth".

How to cook juicy veal in the oven with lard

Step 1

Bacon cut into cubes

Fat cut into cubes as in the photo and roll in a mixture of your favorite spices.
Lubricate the wedges pressed garlic.

Step 2

cubes of fat lard the veal

And now we have to fill the veal with blocks of fat.
With a sharp knife, make deep cuts on the veal and stick in the blocks of fat.

Step 3

preparing veal in the oven

Before sending stuffed veal in the oven, it should be fried in melted butter until Golden brown.
To do this, you need to take a heavy cast iron pan with a thick bottom. Fill the pan with ghee for almost 1 centimeter. Over high heat, fry the veal on all sides (sides too).
Roasting meat is only necessary for the appearance of a crust, and veal is cooked in the oven.

Step 4

season with salt and spices

To send the meat into the oven, throw it on a deep baking tray or in a ceramic dish, as in our case.
Before sending in the oven, season with salt and spices. Cut the carrots and onions into small pieces and place around the veal.

Step 5

Cooking time in the oven is calculated from the weight of the meat-the weight of 1.5 kg, so in the oven should be baked 1.5 hours.
On the oven, put the temperature 180 degrees and send there a baking sheet or a form with veal.

Step 6

pour broth over meat

When cooking, you should open the oven every 10 minutes and pour the meat broth or juices flowing from the meat.
In the beginning, when the juices are low, pour beer, dry wine or kvass.

Step 7

veal cut right on the table

After remove the finished veal from the oven, transfer it to a saucer in which you will serve.
Advise veal cut directly on the table, who how many wants.

Step 8

Так как при первоначальной жарке было использовано довольно большое количество топлёного масла, то его можно использовать для приготовления гарнира с рисом.
Положите в эту сковороду рис, добавьте немного куркумы и залейте кипятком. Варить как плов.

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