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Edible christmas tree

The favorite holiday of all earthlings of the New Year has several symbols:
  • Santa Claus in a red coat.
  • Mandarins (mainly for residents of the USSR).
  • New Year's festive table, on which there are very tasty, long-awaited and beloved holiday dishes.
  • Very interesting TV shows.
  • And most importantly, the Christmas tree, which on these holidays is in every house, with toys and gifts.

Beautiful edible Christmas tree made of fruits and vegetables.

Now imagine a Christmas tree on the festive table, and plus an edible Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is one of the main symbols of the new year! Cool?

A beautiful and tasty Christmas tree made of fruits and vegetables will be the perfect decoration for your New Year's table, and will give everyone a New Year and cheerful mood. Such an elegant Christmas tree will decorate not only a Christmas or New Year's table, but also any children's, and, perhaps, adult holiday. Since the Christmas tree consists of fruits, it will not be eaten right away and will have time to please the guests with its appearance.

It is not necessary to limit yourself to the set of products that are in the photos of our recipes. You can diversify this Christmas tree by including your imagination.

With the help of special knives, fruits and vegetables, you can give almost any shape.
If you have no desire to invent something new yourself, then you can use the simple recipes that we chose to decorate the New Year's table.

To create edible Christmas trees, you will need the following products and items.

Fruits and vegetables
to choose from: fresh and pickled cucumbers, cheese, bell peppers, sausages, oranges, lemons ...
Products for decoration
fresh herbs, olives, olives, bright vegetables are different, and most importantly - half a large apple for the base of the tree.
Wooden bamboo skewer
(about 20-25 cm long), as well as regular toothpicks.

Cooking Christmas Edible Trees

The first thing we should do is prepare the basis for the Christmas tree. To do this, take a large apple, the regimen in half.
Take one half and turn it on a plate, and in the center stick a wooden skewer - with the sharp end to the top.

Wooden skewer on an apple

Chop the appetizer, pickled or pickled cucumbers.

About 2-4 cucumbers will go to one Christmas tree.

You need to slice it obliquely and not very thinly (this applies specifically to pickled snacks, since they are soft).
Thus, the branches will not sag and should form a beautiful shape.

Step-by-step photos of making a pickle Christmas tree and apples

Now start in a circle to string slices of vegetable on a skewer. Start with the largest pieces, gradually moving to smaller ones. String in such a way that the most beautiful edge looks outward.

It will look prettier if the peel on the outer edge of the piece was facing up.

Cooking a Christmas Tree from Fresh Cucumbers

Christmas tree of fresh cucumbers

Cooking Christmas tree from cheese

Step-by-step photos of making a Christmas tree from slices of cheese

Create Christmas trees not only from vegetables, but also from fruits. You can use them as a decoration for desserts.

Grapefruit Christmas TreeKiwi Christmas tree

Such Christmas trees are quite convenient both in moving (it is only important to take for an apple, and not for the stem), and in use. It is enough to remove the top of the Christmas tree, and it is ready for use.

Lemon treeCucumber Tree

Edible Christmas tree made from melon with strawberries

How to make a Christmas tree of fruit and toothpicks

Fruit tree with toothpicks

Is required:
  • one big apple
  • one fresh long carrot
  • berries and fruits are different,
  • lettuce leaves
  • toothpicks.
  • Cut the bottom of the apple, place it on a saucer on the sliced part.
  • Peel the carrot, put it on the toothpick with the wide side and stick the other end of this toothpick into the top of the apple in the middle.
  • Poke toothpicks into the carrot and apple, on which you will string the fruit.

Carrot with Toothpicks

  • The skeleton of the Christmas tree is ready.
  • Put lettuce leaves on a saucer around the apple.
  • Cut fruit into slices, slices, slices.
  • From pineapple circles you can cut flowers and stars.
  • Use whole berries.
  • String fruit and berries on toothpicks, as your fantasy tells you.
  • At the top of the Christmas tree, place a star cut out of their pineapple circle.
Please note that pears, bananas and apples darken in the air.

In order not to spoil the appearance of your Christmas tree, chopped fruits should be sprinkled with lemon juice.

Fruit tree

If desired, greens under the Christmas tree - dill or parsley. You can lightly decorate the Christmas tree with whipped cream.

Cooking Christmas tree from cheese with olives

Cheese Christmas tree with olives

It is required:
  • cheese (sliced),
  • pitted olives
  • a piece of big cucumber
  • a slice of pepper for an asterisk.

Cooking method

Cut a thick circle of cucumber, and strengthen it with a wooden skewer. Cut triangles from cheese and string them on a skewer.
After three slices of cheese, string one olive.
Cut the next three cheese triangles a little smaller.
Cut a star or spire from pepper and fix it on the top of the tree.
We wish you a fun and good mood to celebrate the New Year!

  • cucumber tree
  • Olive tree with cheese
  • cucumber tree with pepper
  • cauliflower tree
  • candy tree
  • Kiwi tree
  • broccoli tree
  • tree from celery
  • salad tree
  • tree of greens and cheese

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