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Liver cake

Photo of the finished dish: Liver cake

Recipe Recommendations "Liver cake"

Liver "cake" is a dish that seems to be quite effective, low-cost, cooking does not require special financial costs, and hearty.

How to Make Beef Liver Cake

Step 1

minced liver

First you need to cook the minced meat from the liver to fry the cake for the liver cake from it in a pan.
Stuffing can be prepared as described in the recipe "pancakes from the liver."

Step 2

Add the eggs, flour and sour cream to the minced meat

We pass the liver with one onion through a meat grinder. Add the eggs, flour and sour cream to the minced meat. Salt and pepper to taste.
Mix well.

Step 3

grated carrots

Peel the carrots and grate. Next, chop the onion.

Step 4

Fry onions with carrots

Fry the onions and carrots in a small amount of oil over a very low heat so that the vegetables do not burn.

Step 5

frying cakes for liver cake

We proceed to frying the cakes for the liver cake. Put a quarter of cooked minced meat from the liver in a frying pan with preheated vegetable oil.
The surface of the meat should be flat. It will take 4-5 minutes to fry.

Step 6

flip liver cakes

The most difficult part in preparing this culinary recipe is when you have to turn the liver cake and fry the other side.
Use the shovels. If the cake breaks a little, then this will not be a big deal.

Step 7

Put the first cake and brush with a thin layer of mayonnaise

After frying, put all the liver cakes in turn on a flat plate, on which you will serve the dish of their liver to the table.
Put the first cake, and brush a thin layer of mayonnaise.

Step 8

layer of fried onions with carrots

Put a layer of fried onions with carrots on the mayonnaise layer.

Step 9

garnish with vegetables and herbs

Spread the remaining layers of liver cake in the same way. if desired, the finished dish from the liver can be decorated with vegetables and herbs.

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Comments 1

lenok Offline 8 December 2013 17:46
Today finally decided to cook a liver cake for this recipe.
The most difficult to cook was turning over.
I had to use a plate. First, I turned the contents of the pan into a plate, and then from the plate I put it back into the pan.
What happened - evaluate for yourself.

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