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Dried Fruit Candies

Photo of the finished dish: Dried Fruit Candies

Recipe Recommendations "Dried Fruit Candies"

The proportions of all the ingredients are the same, that is, the ingredients are all in the same amount. Lemon and peanuts are added as desired. it is possible without them, but lemon gives the sweets a refreshing taste and slightly reduces sweetness.
To make sweets, we need either a powerful blender or a meat grinder.

How to make your own dried fruit candy with nuts

Step 1

We thoroughly wash all dried fruits to clean them of dirt and insects. If the dried fruits are overdried, then you can soak them for 5-10 minutes in hot water.
In the meantime, if your cashew nut is not fried, rinse it, dry it with a towel, and fry without oil in a pan or in the oven.
Sesame also fry in a pan over low heat.
Cashews can be left raw, but sesame is better to fry, otherwise it may be bitter.

Step 2

Grind all the ingredients

Grind all the ingredients and mix until smooth.
To make homemade sweets tasty, grind the ingredients until smooth, but so that each component is palpable. In a word, it is not necessary to grind much. It is better to use a meat grinder.

Step 3

If you use a blender and it’s hard to cope with dried fruits, then add a little water and lay in turn, periodically removing the mass from the knives.
Better start with nuts.

Step 4

Candy making

Let's start the formation of sweets. With wet hands, we roll the ball, roll in sesame, decorate with whole cashew nuts or their halves.
We put ready-made homemade dried fruit sweets with nuts in the refrigerator so that they harden before serving.

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