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Zucchini casseroles with cheese

Photo of the finished dish: Zucchini casseroles with cheese

Recipe Recommendations "Zucchini casseroles with cheese"

Homemade casserole with vegetables is a great option for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The already light casserole of zucchini, green onions, chicken eggs and rice is cooked without a drop of oil, which will be a pleasant addition for those who care about their body shape.

Chives and zucchini

A ruddy cheese crust in combination with the soft and delicate contents of the casserole will surely appeal to many. It's almost like a mini version of pizza: with a pleasant taste and without extra calories.

How to make a zucchini casserole with cheese in the oven

Step 1

Chopped Onions and Grated Zucchini

Finely chop green onion.
Cut zucchini core, and peel it. Grate zucchini on a coarse grater.
Combine zucchini with green onions.

Step 2

Beaten eggs with flour

Beat three eggs with salt in a separate bowl. Add flour and baking powder.
Combine the preparing dough with grated zucchini and green onions, mix.

Step 3

Rice and squash mix

Evenly place boiled rice into a silicone baking dish.
Place dough with zucchini and onion on top, distribute in a smooth layer.

Step 4

Add grated cheese

Grate cheese, sprinkle it on the top of the casserole.

Step 5

Oven zucchini casserole

Put the casserole dish in the preheated oven. Bake over medium heat for about half an hour.

Step 6

Portion of zucchini cooked casserole with rice and cheese

Remove the casserole from the oven,let it cool, then cut into pieces, and put on plates.
When serving, you can decorate slices of squash casserole.
Bon Appetit!

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