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Pickled Tomatoes with Grapes

Photo of the finished dish: Pickled Tomatoes with Grapes

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A simple but insanely “delicious” recipe for pickled tomatoes and grapes. Try to cook, you will not yellow, especially since in winter you can decorate dishes and salads with grapes from a jar.

How to pickle tomatoes with grapes for the winter

Step 1

sterilize jars

First, wash and sterilize the jars.

Step 2

Prepare the tomatoes

Prepare the tomatoes. If you will be canning in liter jars, then take medium-sized varieties.

Step 3

Tomatoes and Grapes

Wash and prune the tomatoes with a toothpick in the area of the peduncle. This will save the skin as a whole. It will not burst during heat treatment.
Wash the grapes too and separate the fruits from the bunch. Grapes should be intact and firm to the touch.

Step 4

Peel the garlic

Peel the garlic and cut lengthwise into thin long plates.
Prepare all other spices at the same time as garlic.

Step 5

start spreading tomatoes

Put a bay leaf in the sterilized jar at the bottom. Cut a strip of 0.5 cm thick red hot pepper and put in a jar with other peppers.
Add cloves and start spreading tomatoes.

Step 6

put the grapes and plate of garlic

At the intervals of the tomatoes, put the grapes and plates of garlic. Then the second row, and also in between grapes and garlic.
After the second layer, pick up a handful of grapes and pour into a jar in random order.
Then put the tomatoes in between the grapes and garlic again. At the end, a handful of grapes.

Step 7

Boil water per liter can about 0.5 liters. Count how much water is needed to fill all the cans, and boil so much.
As soon as the water boils, pour into jars. Cover with a sterilized lid and leave it alone for 10 minutes.

Step 8

drain the water back into the pan

After 10 minutes, put a lid on the jar with a hole in the pan and drain the water back into the pan. Next, boil water from the can again. While the can is without water, cover it with a metal lid.

Step 9

After boiling water, again fill the jars with tomato and grapes with boiling water. This will turn out the second fill.
Close the jars with a metal lid and let stand for another 10 minutes. You can slightly rotate the cans from side to side so that air bubbles come out.

Step 10

Next, pour the water from the can into the pan a second time. Add the right amount of salt and sugar to the pot of water.
It is better that the marinade does not work out anymore, since if the brine remains, then the right amount of sugar and salt will not get into the jar with tomatoes and grapes.

Step 11

Fill to keep air out of the bank

Bring the brine to a boil, and let it boil for 5 minutes. Next, fill in jars with tomatoes and grapes. Do not top up; leave some free space.
Add vinegar to the remainder of the brine and pour into jars until the end. Pour so that there is no air left in the bank.
Close the jar immediately with a metal lid.

Step 12

Let the jar stand for 5 minutes, the lid must not be opened already! And then close it with the seaming tool.
Turn the jars of pickled tomatoes over and place the blanket to cool completely.

Step 13

Ready pickled tomatoes with grapes

To pickle tomatoes and grapes, do not open them earlier than in a month! Put the finished jars in the storage room until winter.
Do not pour the brine from the can in the winter, it turns out to be tasty and you can just drink it.

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