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Mackerel with potatoes in the oven

Photo of the finished dish: Mackerel with potatoes in the oven

Recipe Recommendations "Mackerel with potatoes in the oven"

Fish baked according to this recipe can be served as dinner or lunch. The dish is easy to prepare and does not require culinary in-depth knowledge.
To make the mackerel with potatoes brighter, add carrots, chopped into small strips.

Cooking Mackerel in the Oven with Potatoes

Step 1

Wash the fish, cut the fins, heads and tails

Wash the fish, cut the fins, heads and tails. Open the abdomen and remove the entrails. Do not forget about the black film in the abdomen. If it is not removed, then the finished dish will get a bitter aftertaste.

Step 2

make shallow cuts

On one side of the mackerel carcass, make shallow cuts with a sharp knife. Sprinkle a lot of fish with salt and seasonings. Pour the fish with freshly squeezed lemon juice ½ lemon. Leave to marinate for 20 minutes.

Step 3

peeling potatoes and cut into slices

While the fish is pickling, proceed to peel the potatoes. Wash the peeled potatoes and cut into slices, as in the image.

Step 4


Onion cut into half rings.

Step 5

shaped potatoes

Lubricate the walls and bottom of the nasty or baking dish with a little vegetable oil.
Spread chopped potatoes and white onions in a mold. With your hands, mix the onions and potatoes right in the form, salt, pepper and add your favorite spices.

Step 6

place the onion on the carcass of a mackerel

Place a few half rings of onions in the cuts on the carcass of a mackerel.

Step 7

Potato fish with onions

Put the fish on the potatoes with onions and with your hands squeeze a little so that the fish is in the potatoes.

Step 8

Bake until golden brown

Send the form with fish and potatoes to the oven preheated to 200 degrees. Bake until tender, until golden brown.
The flow time in the oven is on average 50-60 minutes.

Step 9

Oven baked mackerel

Baked mackerel in the oven with potatoes ready!

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