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Cottage Cheese Donuts

Photo of the finished dish: Cottage Cheese Donuts

Recipe Recommendations "Cottage Cheese Donuts"

Curd home-made donuts according to this recipe, despite the availability of ingredients and the prostate of preparation, are very tasty.

Recipe ingredients

It is advisable to fry the donuts in a deep fat fryer, but not necessarily. You can use a pan or deep frying pan for frying.

Cooking homemade cottage cheese donuts

Step 1

all ingredients except flour

In a deep bowl or bowl, place all the ingredients except the flour.

Step 2

mix with a spoon until smooth

Stir well with a spoon until smooth.

Step 3

add flour

Next, add the flour to the curd mass.

Step 4

Knead the dough

Knead the dough. If you need more flour during the batch - add.

Step 5

Divide the dough into pieces

Roll up the dough and divide into two parts.

Step 6

Roll each half too

Roll each half too.

Step 7

dough sausages

Cut the resulting sausages from the dough into portioned slices.

Step 8

shape donuts

And now donuts are required to be made from pieces of dough.
The first step is to file a piece of dough with the shape of a hockey puck.

Step 9

Press the middle finger with your thumb

Press the middle of the dough washer on both sides with your thumb.

Step 10

Make a hole

Make a hole in the middle of the donut.

Step 11

cottage cheese donuts

Spread the shaped curd donuts on the floured kitchen boards.

Step 12

fry donuts

Heat the oil in a deep skillet and fry the donuts.

Step 13

Fry until golden

Fry the curd donuts on both sides until golden brown.

Step 14

Put the finished donuts on a sieve

Put ready-made home-made donuts on a sieve, or in dishes covered with kitchen napkins to get rid of excess oil.
Then move to a plate for serving and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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