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Mussels are a seafood delicacy that many gourmets adore. These gifts of nature are especially good for beer. You can always buy them in the store, but there is another option - to catch them in the sea and cook them yourself. Naturally, the latter does not in any way imply hunting for shellfish in the middle of, for example, a multimillion-dollar metropolis, but during a summer vacation at one of the resorts it is quite possible to get hold of prey.

Fresh mussels

However, catching (there is also the expression "pick") is only half the battle, mussels still need to be cooked, because these are not oysters, eating raw is unlikely to please anyone.

How to cook mussels step by step

You can cook mussels both at home and in nature. Consider the first option, since it is of interest to a much larger number of lovers of all kinds of seafood.

The first step is cleaning.
Having brought mussels home from the sea, you need to throw them into a container of water and wash well. At the next stage, we take a toothbrush and diligently “scrub” the outer surface of each shell. This need is explained as follows: the less sand remains, the lower the likelihood that it will crunch on the teeth during the use of the finished product. After that, it remains to rinse the peeled product 2-3 times, changing the water.
Step two - primary heat treatment.
To do this, put a dry frying pan on the stove, pour mussels into it so that they cover the bottom. The shells will open as they heat up. We transfer the processed shellfish from the frying pan to another clean dish, add another batch, the third, and so on.
In the third step, you need to extract the pulp from all the open shells.
It is convenient to do this with a teaspoon, dessert or tablespoon. Which tool to choose depends on the size of the loot. At the same time, you should try to tear off the mustache from each mussel removed from the shell, with which the mollusk is kept in water on stones or other surfaces.
This part of the body looks like thin threads. This is again done in order to get rid of the grains of sand that may have remained. After removing the pulp from all shells, rinse it again with warm water.

Removal of whiskers

Mussels grown artificially are sold without barbs, mustache. But if you still have beards, then you must definitely cut them off.

To remove the barb from mussels, grasp the brown, viscous tuft between the two shells (see photo) and pull firmly. If it is not possible to tear off the mustache in this way, then you will have to use a sharp knife or scissors to get rid of the beard.

The final stage is the final processing of the edible. We put a frying pan on the stove, pour in a little vegetable oil, place the mussel pulp, salt, fry until tender for 8-10 minutes.
Seasonings, sauces and other ingredients are added to taste.

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