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Homemade apple marmalade

Photo of the finished dish: Homemade apple marmalade

How to make marmalade from apples at home

Step 1

Wash the apples thoroughly, remove the legs and cut into slices. Seeds also remove.
Put in a pan, fill with water and cook for about 40 minutes.
Add water if necessary so that the apples are constantly under water.

Step 2

You can not cook apples, but bake in the oven.
If you intend to use the second method, then send the apples to the oven, having previously cut in half and removed the seeds.

Step 3

When the apples are soft, remove from the water, cool slightly and lower through a blender.
As a result, you will get applesauce.
Pass the mashed potatoes through a sieve so that large pieces of the skin do not fall into the finished marmalade.

Step 4

Add the granulated sugar to the applesauce and cook while stirring over low heat.
Cook until thickened - about an hour in time.
Then, if desired, grated ginger and chopped walnuts can be added to applesauce.

Step 5

pour the mass into the form and level

After this, pour the resulting mass into a mold and smooth.
Send the marmalade mold to the refrigerator until it solidifies.

Step 6

Take out the finished apple marmalade from the refrigerator, cut into squares.
Using a curly knife will give the pieces of marmalade a more pleasant appearance.
Sprinkle pieces of marmalade with powdered sugar or just granulated sugar.

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