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Thin pancakes with milk

Photo of the finished dish: Thin pancakes with milk

Recipe Recommendations "Thin pancakes with milk"

Pancakes are a popular dish loved by many since childhood. Each housewife wants to cook the most delicious pancakes for her family.
There are many recipes for pancakes: cooked with kefir, milk or water, with or without additives, sweet or salty.

This recipe is the simplest. Pancakes prepared according to it can be sweet or salty according to your desire, so such pancakes can be eaten both with additives: jam, condensed milk, sour cream, or without them.
  1. To save money, you can take 400 ml of milk and dilute with 200 ml of water: this will practically not affect the taste of pancakes, but it will save you money.
  2. It is easier to stir milk and eggs with an ordinary fork, but it is best to mix the dough with flour using a whisk.
  3. For thin pancakes, it is best to use a special pancake pan or skillet with a thin bottom.
  4. To save time, pancakes can be fried in several pans at the same time. Washing the second skillet is much faster than making the pancakes twice as long.
  5. If the dough does not turn over and sticks, add a little more flour to it.
  6. From time to time it is necessary to pour sunflower oil into the pan.

There is no need to lubricate the pancakes with additional butter: they are not dry and tasty right away.

How to make homemade thin pancakes with milk

Step 1

Pour room temperature milk into a large bowl, add eggs, salt and sugar to it. For sweet pancakes, a pinch of salt and 2-3 tablespoons of sugar are enough, for salty pancakes - 1-3 teaspoons of salt (to taste). To stir thoroughly.

Step 2

Add flour to the mixed mixture

Add 300 g flour to the mixed mixture.

Step 3

Beat the dough thoroughly with a whisk

Beat the dough thoroughly with a whisk. The appearing lumps must be beaten to the end; they should not be in the dough.

Step 4

The dough should be not very liquid

The dough should be not very liquid, but not thick either. If the dough turns out to be liquid, add more flour to it and beat until the desired consistency. If the dough is too thick, dilute it with a little water or milk.

Step 5

Add a tablespoon of sunflower oil to the dough

Add a tablespoon of sunflower oil to the dough, beat well.

Step 6

Pour a small amount of dough into the skillet

Heat sunflower oil in a frying pan, distribute it over the entire surface of the pan.
Pour a small amount of dough into the skillet.

Step 7

dough throughout the pan

Spread the dough evenly throughout the pan.

Step 8

turn it over

After the edges of the pancake are baked, turn it over.

Step 9

On the other side of the pancake

On the other side of the pancake, you need to fry a little less time than on the first.

Step 10

pancakes are thin and very tasty

The pancakes are thin and very tasty. Enjoy your meal!

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