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Egg pancake salad

Photo of the finished dish: Egg pancake salad

Recipe Recommendations "Egg pancake salad"

Tasty, very satisfying and completely difficult to prepare salad of egg pancakes and chicken meat, perfect for both everyday home table and as a festive snack.

The classic recipe for the robber salad includes boiled chicken, but you can replace it with smoked one if you wish. So the taste will become even more interesting and memorable.

Pancake Chicken Salad Ingredients

The exact amount of ingredients will depend on the weight of the chicken breast, 350 grams of prepared chicken will require 6 medium-sized eggs (1 category). If the breast is larger, then it is worth increasing the number of eggs and, accordingly, starch.
Starch is added in the following calculation: for 1 egg you need 1 tablespoon of starch with a slide.
With sunflower oil you need to grease the pan when frying pancakes as necessary.

How to make a salad with egg pancakes and chicken

Step 1

cut the boiled breast into slices

The pre-cooked breast must be peeled and cut into slices that are not too large.

Step 2

Eggs break add starch and salt

Break the eggs into a deep and easy to mix bowl.
Add to them the right amount of starch and two pinches of salt.

Step 3

knead lumps with a fork

Carefully knead the lumps formed with a fork and mix thoroughly until smooth. Egg dough should turn out a little thicker than for classic pancakes. If it came out too thick, then you can add another egg, if on the contrary, liquid, then add a little starch.

Step 4

Heat the pan and pour the pancake

Heat the pan and pour the first pancake using a ladle. They grab quite quickly, so you need to fry on low heat for about one minute, then fry for about 30 seconds on the other side. The approximate thickness of the pancake is 3 mm.

Step 5

cuts the straw into thin strips

After the pancakes have cooled, you can start slicing them. To do this, the pancake is folded into a tube and cut into thin strips. It’s not worth cutting pancakes too finely.

Step 6

Grind the peeled garlic cloves on a fine grater or using a garlic press.

Step 7

You can immediately eat a salad

Mix all the prepared ingredients in a salad bowl and season with mayonnaise. When dressing, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the pancakes well absorb mayonnaise and the salad can turn out to be rather dry. Therefore, when serving, you need to put a saucepan with dressing.
You can immediately eat a salad; leaving it to insist is not necessary at all.

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