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Milk rice porridge

Photo of the finished dish: Milk rice porridge

Recipe Recommendations "Milk rice porridge"

So much has been said and written about the benefits of hearty breakfast porridge that there is no point in repeating it. But nevertheless, there is a misconception among many that porridge, although certainly very healthy, is not a tasty everyday dish.

It is especially difficult to convince children to eat porridge.

Today we will cook delicious rice porridge with milk. Rest assured, having tried it once, your children will ask you to cook it again, and the rest of the household will surely like it.

Ingredients of milk porridge with rice

By the way, sugar can be replaced with honey or even jam; if desired, you can put dried fruits, candied fruits and nuts into the porridge.

How to cook delicious rice porridge in milk

Step 1

clean the rice

We clean the rice from small debris (pebbles, spoiled grains, etc.) and rinse it in running cold water under the tap until it becomes transparent.

Step 2

Pour the cereal with a glass of water and put on a small fire.

Step 3

When the rice is slightly boiled, pour in the milk in small portions

When the rice is slightly boiled, pour in the milk in small portions.
When cooking any milk porridge, one should not forget about thorough stirring in order to avoid burning.

Step 4

When the porridge is almost cooked (after 20 minutes), add a piece of butter, salt and sugar. Cook a little more.

Step 5

Delicious milk porridge is ready

Delicious milk porridge is ready.
This dish, of course, does not belong to the category of dietary and low-calorie, but it will become a complete breakfast for the whole family.

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