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Beautiful, well-groomed legs

Everyone knows that in a man, and especially in a woman, everything should be fine - radiant mischievous eyes, well-groomed soft hands, a toned figure and, of course, an easy gait.
But how often in the hustle and bustle of everyday affairs we, weak and tender creatures, are faced with fatigue, pain and heaviness in the legs; the dress code in the office forces you to spend many hours in high heels; new shoes shamelessly rub the heels; and yet the road home in a crowded transport with the obligatory entry to the store ...

Beautiful make-up

That is why beautiful graceful ladies, in chic outfits and with dazzling make-up, are so often met, but ... As soon as you look down, you immediately notice the cracked, plastered feet with untidy nails.

Plaster-covered feet

Every woman should take care of her feet, regardless of the degree of employment, the level of her own income, and even more so the season. In addition, if you are not lazy and do everything on time, it will not take much time.

The most important rule is that you should never save on shoes.

Any heels will be comfortable if the shoes or boots are matched exactly in size, no more and no less, so immediately you need to discard the rash thoughts that the shoes are "spreading" or "it's okay, I'll put on an extra pair of socks." In addition, it is very important to choose footwear from quality materials - genuine leather, suede, textiles. It will be comfortable for the feet in comfortable, practical shoes, and their owner will not need to resort to the help of healing agents and all kinds of inlays such as additional insoles.

How can we help the feet?
Everything is quite simple: cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing and massage are four commandments, observing which you can forget about troubles with gait forever.

Ideally, everything about everything will take no more than 15 minutes a day; you must admit that it is not at all difficult to highlight them before going to bed, the main thing is not to be lazy.


Before proceeding with the rest of the procedures, the skin of the legs must be thoroughly cleaned and steamed. This can be done by arranging a foot bath.

Foot bath

Depending on your mood and purpose, you can add various herbal decoctions to the water (for example, chamomile, celandine, mint, calendula, lavender, pine needles). Some herbs help to relax, others heal microcracks, and others have antibacterial properties and help to defeat excessive sweating.

Citrus bath

After keeping your feet in warm water for about 5 minutes, you should cleanse the skin with a brush and soap.

Pay special attention to your nails and the skin between your toes.

Keratinized skin areas can be easily removed with a pumice stone, corns and calluses - cut off with pedicure tweezers.
Never trim your toenails in a circular fashion - just at right angles to avoid the problem of ingrown toenails, while keeping your thumbnail slightly longer than the rest.


To nourish your feet, use any cosmetic oils - peach, castor, almond. Masks and baths with the addition of oil droplets have an excellent effect on the skin, keeping it smooth and protecting it from wounds and cracks.
Of course, you need to remember about your diet - fish, cottage cheese, dairy products should be present in abundance on your table.


In cosmetic stores, there is a huge assortment of all kinds of creams and lotions for the feet. But you can do with quite budget options - just rub vitamins E and A into your heels, and also make sour cream masks. However, it is not shameful for your feet to use face creams that do not suit you, and even a little overdue.


Massage can be performed using various means, for example, mechanical, electrical or hydro-massagers for the legs (that's where there is plenty to choose from - expensive devices, almost the same as in beauty salons, wooden and rubber simple devices; Korean, English, Russian - what is called choose - I don’t want to).

Foot massage

But it's nice and just to knead your feet on your own, from the tips of the toes up. Massage improves blood circulation and oxygenation of tissues.

Foot massage

To top it off, it would be nice to cover your nails with varnish - you can color, you can transparent, always a perfect classic French pedicure.
To tidy up tired and exhausted legs, it will take 5–7 daily sessions. Is it a lot when you try for yourself ?! Love yourself, take care of yourself and stay beautiful for years to come!

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