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Chocolate cake with cherries

Photo of the finished dish: Chocolate cake with cherries

Recipe Recommendations "Chocolate cake with cherries"

An excellent combination of cherries, chocolate and tender dough in this wonderful cake will leave no one indifferent. Having tasted the Chocolate Cherry once, you will want to cook this cake over and over again.

Ingredients for the dough Ingredients for fondant

And this is quite real: the available ingredients in reasonable quantities, an uncomplicated recipe and a small time investment - all this allows you to duplicate a dish as often as you want!

Despite all the non-standard and very unusual cooking peculiarities, the recipe for this amazing cake is quite simple. A big plus is that you can connect a child to the cooking process: for example, free the berries from seeds (if required) or stir something.

Ingredients for the cream

Chocolate and cherry cake can be prepared for any occasion, just for an evening tea party or for breakfast. The cherry in its composition and its combination with chocolate give the dessert a romantic touch - which will be very useful for an evening together.

Making Homemade Chocolate Cherry Cake

Step 1

Prepare the dough

The first step is to prepare the dough. Preparation of the dough begins with eggs: they need to be washed under running water and in a container, separate the whites from the yolks. Beat the proteins with a mixer or blender, gradually adding half of the cooked sugar.

Step 2

Add slaked soda

Do not beat for too long. It is not necessary to wait until all the sugar dissolves.
And at the end, before turning off the mixer, add slaked soda.

Step 3

Add yolks

Further, the yolks are included in the work. Whisk them by hand with the remaining half of the sugar.

Step 4

Add flour and cocoa

When you get a homogeneous mass, you must first sift and add a third of flour and cocoa.

Step 5

whites with the yolks combined

Next, the whites with the yolks need to be combined.

Step 6

mixing everything with a spoon

After mixing everything with a spoon, add the rest of the flour and gently bring the mass to homogeneity with a spoon.

Step 7

Dough in the form

Grease a baking dish (you can take a frying pan) with sunflower oil and pour the prepared crust dough into it. Bake the crust in the oven over medium heat for about 30 minutes.

Step 8

the cake

At this stage, care should be taken to ensure that the cake does not dry out. After 20 minutes after being sent to the oven, you need to check the readiness. As soon as there are no traces of dough on the wooden surface, the cake should be pulled out and allowed to cool.

Step 9

Cut the cooled cake into two parts and put the top down

Cut the cooled cake into two parts and put the top down.
Each of the parts in turn needs to be cleaned of the dough, scraping off the crumbs with a spoon and leaving only crusts from the halves of the cake.

Step 10

Collect the crumbs in a separate bowl

Collect the crumbs in a separate bowl - they will be required for the cream.

Step 11

Preparing the cream

Let's start preparing the cream. First you need to soften the butter in a water bath.
Then mix the sugar, eggs, melted butter and beat a little with a mixer.

Step 12

Add cocoa and milk

The resulting mass should be poured into a more suitable container to boil the cream over the fire. Add cocoa and milk and bring to a boil.

Step 13

The cream is ready

After the mass has cooled down a little, it can be poured into a container with crumbs from the crust, add vanillin, pitted cherries and mix everything well. The cream is ready!

Step 14

Cooking fondant

Cooking fondant. Melt the butter. In a separate container, mix the required amount of sugar with cocoa, then pour this mixture into the melted butter.
Add milk and stir.

Step 15

cooked over low heat for 15–20 minutes

The resulting mixture should be cooked over low heat for 15–20 minutes.
After the fondant, let's start assembling the cake.

Step 16

put the cream

Put the bottom crust from the crust on a dish and put the cream on it, evenly distributing it over the entire crust.

Step 17

Turn the top over with the inner side and soak with a little fondant

Turn the top over with the inner side and soak with a little fondant.

Step 18

cover the bottom with the cream

Then gently turn over and cover the bottom with the cream.

Step 19

pour fondant over the chocolate cake and leave it in a cool place for a while to soak it thoroughly

Now you can pour fondant over the chocolate cake and leave it in a cool place for a while to soak it thoroughly.
Bon appetit to you and your dear and beloved people, who today simply cannot refuse such a tasty treat!

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