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Chicken liver pate

Photo of the finished dish: Chicken liver pate

Recipe Recommendations "Chicken liver pate"

There is an opinion that all people are divided strictly into two categories: those who love pastes, and those who do not.

We can partly agree with this statement: the taste and texture of some pastes are for everybody.

However, a gentle, soft and fairly neutral taste of butter-based pastes and meat products will appeal to absolutely everyone.

In addition, pastes, especially home-made, can be safely attributed to proper nutrition. The calorie content of such an appetizer is much lower than that of any sausage. And the protein content is higher.

Homemade Pate Ingredients

Preparing chicken liver pate with mushrooms is easy. Products used are affordable and inexpensive. And the result will please you very much.

Any liver should be soaked in water before cooking.

Most of the harmful products that have accumulated in the liver will dissolve in water. There will be one benefit: a lot of iron, essential amino acids, selenium and so on.

If you use frozen mushrooms, then they should first be thawed and squeezed from excess moisture.

Cooking homemade chicken liver pate and mushrooms

Step 1

Chopped onion arbitrarily

Prepare the pan: it should be with a lid.
You can chop the onion arbitrarily, in this recipe, slicing the products does not matter, since then they will all be chopped with a blender.

Step 2

mushrooms and onions in a pan

Wash the mushrooms, dry and chop too.
Put mushrooms and onions in a pan and fry in a small amount of vegetable oil for five minutes. The onion should stop crunching.

Step 3

Add Chicken Liver

Add the chicken liver to the pan and sauté a little more. You need to fry so much that the liver has lost its blood color.

Step 4

Add semolina to the pan

Add semolina, salt, spices to the pan and mix thoroughly. Semolina should be evenly distributed among the products without forming lumps.

Step 5

Add cream or milk

Add cream or milk.

Step 6

Cover the pan

After this, the dish is brought to full readiness. Cover the pan. Put out the liver for another 15-20 minutes.

Step 7


Directly to prepare the paste in a convenient high capacity, place the butter.

Step 8

Add still hot products from the pan to the oil

Add still hot food from the pan to the oil. The oil will melt immediately, and tastes in a warm state will combine faster and better.

Step 9

Grind blender

Grind with a blender to the desired consistency.

Step 10

the pate is completely ready

Immediately after cooking, the mixture will be liquid.
When it cools down, respectively, the oil in its composition hardens a little, the paste will become thicker. But the consistency will still not be final. After standing in the refrigerator for at least 5 hours, the paste is stabilized.
Now he is completely ready.

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