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Stacks of minced meat

Photo of the finished dish: Stacks of minced meat

Recipe Recommendations "Stacks of minced meat"

Stuffed minced meat racks in the oven - an original and very mouth-watering dish with an unusual name that fully reflects its appearance. The dish is really very similar to small haystacks and represents small meat cakes, on which a variety of ingredients are stacked.

Ingredients for cooking

As a rule, these are onions and potatoes, as well as cheese which must be present in the dish. Sometimes boiled eggs or mushrooms are added to onions and potatoes, and potatoes are often replaced with zucchini. This recipe will focus on the preparation of minced meat steaks with fried onions and grated raw potatoes. Such a dish will not only become a wonderful hearty dinner on a weekday, but also an excellent treat during the holiday.

How to cook minced meat steaks with potatoes and cheese in the oven

Step 1

peel bulbs

Peel both bulbs. One and a half heads of onions cut into thin half rings, and simply chop the remaining part, it will be needed to prepare the stuffing.

Step 2

fry the onion until golden brown

Fry the onion sliced in half rings in vegetable oil until golden brown.

Step 3

Grate cheese

Grate the cheese using a fine grater.

Step 4

Minced meat

In minced meat put chopped onions, peppers and salt to taste. Mix well. Stuffing for meat stacks is ready.

Step 5

to form balls, and then make cakes out of them

Spread the baking sheet with vegetable oil. From the resulting meat, wetting your hands in water, first form medium-sized balls, and then make cakes of approximately 1 cm thickness from them and spread them on a sheet leaving a small distance between them. Flat cakes can be made both the same and different sizes.

Step 6

Put the fried onions on the cakes

Put the fried onions on the resulting meat cakes.

Step 7

grated potatoes

The next layer must be put grated potatoes, but first it must be peeled and using a coarse grater. It is not recommended to grate potatoes in advance, as it will quickly darken. In the grated potatoes, break the egg, put pepper and salt to taste. Mix.

Step 8

put 1 tablespoon of potatoes onion

On top, add about 1 tablespoon of potatoes to the onion.

Step 9

sprinkle with cheese and make a mayonnaise net

Then sprinkle with cheese and make a mayonnaise net. Send the resulting meat steaks into the oven. Bake for 50 minutes at 180 degrees.

Step 10

stacks of minced meat

After a while, minced meat stacks are ready.

Step 11

Serve with fresh vegetables

Serve the meat steaks to the table with fresh vegetables.
Enjoy your meal!

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