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Homemade bread in the oven

Photo of the finished dish: Homemade bread in the oven

Recipe Recommendations "Homemade bread in the oven"

I turned out to be perfect homemade bread according to this recipe, because it is made to the taste of the people most dear to the culinary specialist. For those who will be baking for the first time, I will immediately make a reservation that you will not need any special kitchen helpers.

Homemade bread in the oven

Don't be afraid to work with dough. Any beginner can handle such a recipe with a bang. A good mood and support from loved ones will help make everything perfect. The aroma of homemade bread will fill the house with special warmth and comfort!

How to bake white bread in the oven at home

Step 1

Making dough

Making dough. To do this, I mix sugar with three tablespoons (tablespoons) of flour, yeast and whey.
Until the mass grows up, I will not touch it. But for this you need to create suitable conditions for the dough. Nothing special, I just leave her in a warm place where she will not be threatened by drafts.

Step 2

put the butter to melt

While the dough "fits", I put the butter to melt.

Step 3

So the dough is ready. I sift flour, combine it with dough, both types of butter, milk, salt.
I need to knead the dough. To make it soft, you will have to try, but it is not at all as difficult as many people think.

Step 4

put the perfectly smooth dough

I put the perfectly smooth dough, which does not stick to my hands, again in a warm place to give it time to expand well. This process will take at least an hour, even if the yeast is very fresh.

Step 5

form the dough in the form of a loaf

And then I will form the dough in the form of a loaf. With the seam down, I will lay it in a greased (with oil or fat) real rectangular stainless steel shape for bread.

Step 6

Other baking dishes of any configuration are also suitable

Don't be upset if you don't have one. Other baking dishes of any configuration are also suitable. As long as it is tough, so that the dough does not jump out of it. It's soft!

Step 7

Once again I will give the dough the opportunity to grow (about 40–45 minutes). And only then I put it on the penultimate level, if you count from the bottom, of the oven, which is already very hot (200 degrees).

Step 8

After the bread has been in the oven for 35–40 minutes

After the bread has been in the oven for 35–40 minutes, I will take it out, but not cut it.

Step 9

Bread it cools down

When it cools down, it will be easier to do. And it is healthier to use such bread!

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