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Cold boiled pork

Photo of the finished dish: Cold boiled pork

Recipe Recommendations "Cold boiled pork"

Cold boiled pork – is a whole baked piece of meat, grated with salt and spices, stuffed with garlic cloves. Basically, pork is used for this, less often lamb or bear meat. Cooking boiled pork at home is unusually simple, and the result will please 100%.

Spices can be used any to your taste: pepper, adjika, garlic, herbs.

Such meat is very soft, tasty, aromatic. Yes, and it is much more useful to eat a sandwich with a piece of hand-made boiled pork than with a purchased sausage.

Pieces of pork for cooking pork

Ideally, you need a whole piece of meat, but I didn’t have this, so I had to make a “puff” boiled pork, that is, lay one piece of meat on another.

As a result, I did not regret that I prepared homemade boiled pork from pieces of meat. Most likely, pieces of pork are better pickled and take in the weight of aroma with spice.

How to cook Cold boiled pork at home from in the oven

Step 1

use spices

Pork meat must be washed and dried.
To add flavor, we use spices: ground black pepper, nutmeg (pork meat is very fond of it), dried paprika and Georgian adjika.

Step 2

Rub the meat with spices and salt

Grate our meat on all sides with spices and salt so that they cover it completely.
Then we remove the meat in the cold (but not in the freezer) for several hours (I cooked it in the evening, cleaned for the night). During this time, the meat is saturated with the aroma of spices.

Step 3

wrap the pieces with cotton thread

Since I did not have a whole piece of meat, I had to lay long pieces of my friend on top of each other and wrap them with cotton thread so that they would not “fall apart” during baking.

Step 4

Put the meat on the foil

Spread meat ready for baking on food foil.

Step 5

Foil tightly wrap the meat

Wrap meat tightly with foil so that when baking, juice from it does not leak onto the baking sheet.

Step 6

Now these “sausages” from foil are sent to the oven, which has already been warmed up to 190 degrees. We have pieces of meat and a half kilograms, which means that they will sit in the oven for 1.5 hours.

Step 7

pull out of the oven and unfold the foil

The baking was over, we take the baking sheet with the ready-made pork from the oven and carefully unfold the foil.

Step 8

Boiled pork is very tasty

The aroma is incomparable! Boiled pork is very tasty in hot form, but cooled even tastier! A piece of boiled pork is good to put on a black bread, and with any greens that you love. It turns out a very satisfying, tasty snack. Enjoy your meal!

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