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Mulled wine

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Recipe Recommendations "Mulled wine"

Classic mulled wine is a hot drink on red wine (dry). The name comes from the German language and translates as "flaming wine."

Now there are a lot of seemingly good semi-finished products that are heated or even used cold. But a homemade drink will never give in to their taste.

Mulled wine is cooked in a glass or enamel pan. The main secret of cooking - do not bring to a boil and do not forget to stir. In addition, it is quite difficult to achieve a delicate taste and aroma without the corresponding spices.

Mulled Wine Cooking

Mulled wine also helps with colds. And, despite its alcohol component, it can not be washed down with anything. And as a snack, usually serve any confectionery or even meat dishes.

In Europe, the Christmas holidays and other winter festivities can not do without this drink.

However, now this trend has also appeared in Russia, because for a thirty-degree frost it is an ideal way to keep warm. Now more about how to cook it.

The recipe for classic mulled wine at home

Step 1

- Wash the lemon. Grate the zest and send to the pan.
- Pour sugar into the pan.
- Add spices.
- Pour in the wine.
- Shuffle.
- Put the pot with the mixture on the fire.
- Heat to 80 degrees (do not forget to stir).
- Let it brew for 10 minutes.
- Strain.
- Serve hot.

It remains only to find a cozy place by the fireplace and take your favorite book.

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