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How to cook a tongue

Photo of the finished dish: How to cook a tongue

Recipe Recommendations "How to cook a tongue"

It is rarely seen in the home menu, not only because it costs much more than any kind of meat. Not everyone loves and knows how to prepare the language as it should, before baking, boiling or subjecting it to other culinary processes.

Fresh beef tongue

Why do I prefer beef tongue?
  • Firstly, in its pork analogue there is practically nothing; it is smaller in size.
  • Secondly, the beef tongue is more original and tender to taste.

Pork and onion slices Bay leaves and spices for cooking tongue

In this case, I came across an individual from offal with fat. One could do without pork. However, due to the fact that the tongue and meat feed each other with their juices, the whole dish and sauce turns out to be more tender and tasty.

Как приготовить говяжий язык в духовке и сколько варить в домашних условиях

Step 1

Beef tongue cleaning

I wash the pork and tongue with cold water first.
Then immerse the tongue for about seven minutes in boiling water. If it weighs more than a kilogram, then you will need to add another five minutes. But after this procedure, the skin from the tongue will be removed as a stocking from the leg, easily and simply.

Step 2

cut off the pleura from it

While the tongue is soaking, I cut off the pleura from it. Inconveniently, you can continue this process on the kitchen board.

Step 3

get rid of the skin.

Then get rid of the skin.

Step 4

Cleansed tongue

I rinse my tongue again with cold water. This ends the cleaning and preparation of the tongue for cooking.

Step 5

cut into large pieces

Pork, cut into large pieces, put the fat down in the cast iron.

Step 6

language in portions

I cut the language in portions.

Step 7

beef tongue in a cauldron

I lay it on top of the pork. First I use pieces with fat.
I put the stew in the oven (200 degrees).

Step 8

adding onions

I clean, wash and cut onions.
As soon as juice begins to form in the cast iron, I will report onion to it.

Step 9

add water

Submerging the onion in a liquid, add water so that there is more sauce, so that it does not turn out to be too fat.

Step 10

products with spices.

I mix all the products with spices.

Step 11

I’ll put the bay leaf later, when the meat finally loses its whitish hue.

Step 12

pouring the top layer on the sauce

When can I turn off the oven?
I check with a knife how soft the meat is. I pay special attention to the language, not forgetting to periodically mix it and meat, immersing it in the sauce, pouring the top layer on the sauce.

Step 13

ready beef tongue

An hour and a half is an approximate time for preparing beef tongue. But the dish turns out truly delicious!

Step 14

Boiled beef tongue

Boiled beef tongue cooked according to this recipe can be served to the table as an independent dish, as an appetizer, or with pasta, as a meat supplement.

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