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Strawberry mojito

Photo of the finished dish: Strawberry mojito

Recipe Recommendations "Strawberry mojito"

Ever since this thirst-quenching drink appeared, many have been invented with berries, fruits and even vegetables. For example, cucumber, raspberry, or apple mojito.

The classic "Mojito" is a white rum cocktail with lime, mint sugar and soda.

Strawberry is a dietary product that regulates the functioning of the heart, blood vessels and digestive organs, and also contains more vitamin C than lemon. And the non-alcoholic mojito made from strawberries will help you cool off on hot summer days.

How to make non-alcoholic strawberry mojito

Step 1

Remove the tails from the berries.
Useful life hack: To speed up the process, pierce the base of each strawberry with a regular cocktail straw. Then the tail itself will jump out of it.
The berries can be cut into halves or used whole.

Step 2

Pour the soda into the decanter.
Wash and finely chop the mint.
Cut the lemon into slices.
Add strawberries, mint and lemon to the sprite.
Put in the refrigerator and leave for an hour.

Step 3

Add ice cubes to strawberry mojito

Add ice cubes to your chilled homemade strawberry mojito.
Done. It's time to quench your thirst!

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