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Chicken Soup for Kids

Photo of the finished dish: Chicken Soup for Kids

Recipe Recommendations "Chicken Soup for Kids"

Many children who are accustomed to hamburgers, sandwiches, chips and other similar foods are very difficult to feed with ordinary soup. Although it should be on the menu daily.

Soup helps to replenish the body with useful trace elements found in the components of this dish. It is easily absorbed by the body, saturates well, and is rapidly digested.

To make the soup tasty, you need to use different spices and seasonings, while taking into account not only the age of the child, but also the individual intolerance of any spice.

Soup should cause a desire to taste it, so an important point is the cutting of products.

For example, carrots in a soup will look more spectacular if cut into cubes. Moreover, it was noticed that many children eat it in the soup in the first place.
In a soup for a child, it is better to replace ordinary vermicelli with asterisks, flowers, or letters (as in this case).

As you noticed, this dish does not have onions, which many children don’t like so much, so children eat soup without onions with great pleasure.

Ready soup must be sprinkled with herbs, since this dish will look more appetizing.

How to cook chicken pasta and potato soup for kids

Step 1

Cut chicken and skin without fat and slices

Cut chicken without skin and fat into slices.
Put in a pan, fill with cold water, put on a big fire. Bring to a boil quickly while removing foam. Make the fire minimal, close the pan with a lid, cook meat for 40 minutes. Salt at the end of cooking. Filter the finished broth.

Step 2

Diced Carrot

Dice the carrots.

Step 3

Diced potato

Dice potatoes a little larger than carrots.

Step 4

carrot in a bucket

In a ladle, heat the oil, put the carrots, spasser. The fat will be painted in a beautiful bright yellow color, which will improve the appearance of the soup.

Step 5

potato broth

Put chopped potatoes in the broth, bring to a boil, add carrots.

Step 6

Cook until soft potatoes

Cook the soup until soft potatoes.
Maximize the fire. Pour pasta, mix.

Step 7

Add suneli hops and curry

As soon as the broth boils again, reduce the heat.
Add the suneli hops and curry.

Step 8

Cook until cooked pasta

Cook the soup at a moderate boil until pasta is cooked.

Step 9

bowl of soup

Pour the soup into a bowl, sprinkle with herbs.

Step 10

soup for children under 3 years old

Note: curry seasoning is not recommended for children under 3 years old.

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