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Healthy breakfast

Most people, given the modern rhythm of life, do not think about breakfast at all, some are in a hurry on business and have a snack on the run with not very healthy foods, and some completely exclude this most important meal from their day.

All this, of course, does not have the best effect on health, the general condition of the body worsens, metabolism is disturbed and fatigue appears, and therefore, efficiency decreases.

Therefore, every person, regardless of age, gender and availability of free time, needs to have breakfast every day, including in their diet extremely healthy foods that will charge the body with energy and good mood for the whole day. What kind of foods should be included in your morning diet and this article will tell you.


Porridge, whether it be millet, rice, barley, corn or buckwheat, is the most delicious and nutritious breakfast, this is due to the presence of complex carbohydrates in its composition, which are absorbed by the body for a long time, and therefore allow you to feel full throughout the first half of the day.

Porridge for breakfast

In addition, cereals contain a lot of fiber, which means they contribute to the elimination of toxins from the body and its purification. You can cook porridge from one or another cereal both in water and in milk, with the addition of butter, salt or sugar, which, of course, is better to replace with honey or exclude altogether.

Cottage cheese

Rich in proteins, amino acids and various microelements, cottage cheese will be an excellent light and healthy breakfast. Its good compatibility with many products will allow each time to come up with new, unusual, and most importantly, healthy dishes for breakfast.

Cottage cheese for breakfast

So, for example, you can not only make a sweet dessert from cottage cheese in a hurry, seasoning it with honey and nuts, but also cook more hearty dishes, such as cottage cheese casserole, cheese cakes or lazy dumplings.


Eggs are another food that contains a large amount of protein.

Eggs for breakfast

Having prepared an omelet or fried eggs for breakfast with the addition of vegetables and herbs, you can saturate your body with various vitamins and nutrients for the whole day. Therefore, it is not surprising that egg dishes are one of the most popular breakfast dishes.


To maintain health and wellness, a variety of fruits and berries must be present in every person's daily diet.

Fruit for breakfast

The first half of the day is considered the best time to consume them, so a plate of fruit or berry salad prepared in the morning seasoned with natural yogurt will be an ideal breakfast solution.


Sandwiches will help to start the day right and enrich the body with vitamins, but not those that consist of sausage and white bread, greased with a decent portion of mayonnaise with ketchup, but healthy sandwiches made from whole grain bread, vegetables, herbs and cheese.

A daily breakfast and eating only the right and healthy products will keep you young, healthy and beautiful for years to come.

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