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Roasted pollock

Photo of the finished dish: Roasted pollock

Recipe Recommendations "Roasted pollock"

Pollock is a dietary fish that even small children can eat without harm to health. But many refuse to buy this product, as pollock often falls apart during cooking and looks completely unappetizing.

I know how you can fry this fish while maintaining the integrity of the pieces.

Pollock is not only a budget fish that everyone can afford, but also delicious if cooked correctly. Therefore, today I will tell you how to fry pollock so that it turns out delicious and crispy. And what needs to be done so that the fish does not fall apart during frying.

How to deliciously fry pollock in a pan

Step 1

Ingredients necessary for frying fish

We prepare fish carcasses with all the ingredients necessary for frying.

Step 2

We clean the fish, cut off the fins and remove the insides

We clean the fish, cut off the fins and remove the insides.
Divide the pollock into medium sized pieces. It is not necessary to be small. One medium-sized fish makes 4–5 pieces.

Step 3

Salt the fish

Salt the fish. Add spices if desired.

Step 4

Beat eggs in a bowl. Two eggs were not enough for 3 fish, I used everything.
Pour flour onto a separate clean plate. We will roll the fish in it.
All is ready. Preheat a frying pan with vegetable oil.

Step 5

Roll fish it in flour

Take a piece of pollock and roll it in flour.

Step 6

Fish into the egg

Let's dip the fish into the egg.

Step 7

The pollock to fry in a skillet

We spread the pollock to fry in a skillet.

Step 8

Fry under a lid

Fry under a lid over medium heat for 10 minutes on each side.

Step 9

The crust is golden

The crust is golden. The fish didn't fall apart. Fried pollock is ready.

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