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Alcoholic watermelon

Photo of the finished dish: Alcoholic watermelon

Recipe Recommendations "Alcoholic watermelon"

In addition to the ingredients, for convenience we need a plastic tap (faucet) new. It is better to take the taps that are sold with 5-liter beer kegs. You can use a regular plastic tap that connects the hoses in the garden.

It is not necessary to use a tap when preparing a cocktail. With a tap, it is easy to pour glasses.

The amount of ingredients is up to you. To orientate yourself on a watermelon weighing 6–7 kg, you will need about half a liter of vodka (vodka + moonshine), or another strong alcoholic drink, whichever you prefer.

If you wish, you can refuse moonshine or use only a high quality mulberry vodka (chacha).

As for the "Drunken Watermelon" cocktail itself, there is even nothing to say, since this alcoholic watermelon cocktail is a fairly well-known drink.

Usually, when preparing a watermelon with vodka, many housewives do a vodka injection of watermelon with a medical syringe.

Today we will take a different path, closer to one of the varieties of the popular alcoholic watermelon drink - a punch in a watermelon with fruits and berries.

How to make an alcoholic cocktail in a watermelon with vodka and mint

Step 1

We prepare all the ingredients

We prepare all the ingredients, wipe the watermelon with a wet rag. Try to get a sweet, sugary watermelon. When buying, you can use our recommendations - “how to choose and buy a ripe watermelon”.

Step 2

then screw the faucet to the watermelon first

If you plan to use a faucet, then screw the faucet to the watermelon first. To do this, cut a hole (with a round knife or other kitchen tool) with a diameter slightly smaller than the diameter of the selected tap and screw the plastic tap into it. The depth of the hole in the watermelon should be down to the flesh.

Step 3

the faucet remains on the bottom of the watermelon

With the expectation that the faucet remains on the bottom of the watermelon, cut a lid on the top of the rind. Through this hole, after mixing the pulp (you can use a blender), we add vodka and the rest of the ingredients to the watermelon.

Step 4

dd vodka through the hole in the watermelon

After the blender, there will be free space in the watermelon. Add vodka through the hole in the watermelon and squeeze out the juice of one lime. Don't forget to put the mint leaves in the watermelon.

Step 5

we will have to grind everything inside the watermelon

At the last stage of cooking "drunken watermelon", we will have to grind everything inside the watermelon - pulp, mint leaves and seeds using a blender.

Step 6

pour the watermelon cocktail into glasses

After grinding, close the hole with a lid and send the watermelon with a cocktail to the refrigerator for 1–2 hours. This must be done carefully so as not to shake the faucet, if you have one.
Next, we take out the "alcoholic watermelon" from the refrigerator and pour the watermelon cocktail into glasses.

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