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Is the microwave harmful?

A microwave for many people has long been a familiar attribute in the kitchen.
Despite the obvious benefits, myths and controversies about harm do not stop swarming around this household appliance.
Everyone must have heard a story, like eating from a microwave causes cancer or kills a baby in the womb. Equally popular is the myth of a high level of carcinogens in food prepared using microwave.

Микроволновые печи

Where did such judgments come from and is the microwave oven really harmful?

Many versions of the harm are related to the principle of operation of the furnace, which consists in the use of radio waves as in a radio or mobile phone, but only several times more powerful than another frequency.
Microwaves produced by microwave influence the water molecules in food in such a way that they begin an enhanced rotation, leading to friction. As a result, the food heats up, however, the food molecules are severely deformed or even broken.

The opinion of experts about the dangers of a microwave

Scientists from America claim some useful properties of food cooked in the microwave. For example, there are statistics indicating a decrease in cases of gastric cancer among people using microwave. This is due to the fact that oil is not required for cooking in the microwave. In addition, the cooking method is close to steam.

Research by the Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences confirms that vitamin C is lost by a maximum of 25% when cooked in microwave. While cooking in the usual way destroys 60% of the ascorbic acid contained in raw foods.

On this, perhaps, all the "usefulness" of microwave ovens ends. Most studies are not in favor of the device.

Here are just a few of them:
  • studies by US scientists in 1992 showed that the molecules that enter the body after the influence of microwave waves adversely affect health. Damaged molecules contain energy that is not found in these products in their natural environment;
  • in 1989, The Lancet magazine cited studies by Vienna experts on the disruption of amino acids in foods after microwave. Which leads to a change in their structure and functions;
  • In 1991, Earthletter magazine published Dr. Lita Lee's research on the dangers of a microwave oven. They say that food prepared in the microwave becomes worse quality due to the conversion of substances to carcinogenic compounds.

Another experiment conducted with a group of volunteers gave reason to consider the microwave oven harmful - all participants were divided into two halves. Blood samples were taken from all volunteers before meals, after which they were fed dinner.

The first group ate food cooked in the microwave, while others ate traditionally cooked food. A decrease in hemoglobin, a change in the composition of cholesterol and an increase in the number of lymphocytes was observed in the participants of the first group. All the others did not change their condition.

Despite all such studies, microwave oven manufacturers are continuing to assure that their products are completely safe.

Recently, WHO also announced the safety of microwave radiation. However, for people with pacemakers, the organization does not recommend the use of microwave.
It turns out that there is no unanimous opinion on the harm of microwave ovens, and scientists continue to study the effect of the device and the food prepared in it on human health.
The only thing that can be said with full confidence is the health of each person, first of all, in his own hands, therefore the final choice regarding the use of a microwave oven always remains with the consumer.

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