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How to speed up the metabolism

Many often wonder why some can eat whatever they want, and at the same time remain thin, while other people add kilograms just by looking at food.
Nutritionists say this is due to the fact that everyone has their own individual type of metabolism: intense - that means you will always be slim; moderate - you are not thin or fat; low - this type of people is always overweight.

Human belly

In the struggle for harmony, accelerating metabolism is a dream. In some people, a quick metabolism is inherited.
Who has more muscle burns more calories, even during rest.

Men have more muscle and less fat, and they burn more calories from this.

Metabolism with age, after 40 years, slows down every year by two percent. Metabolism or metabolism is a whole complex of biochemical processes in the body that ensure the use of nutrients for human needs.
Metabolism includes two processes - catabolism and anabolism.
Catabolism is a breakdown of organic matter when energy is released and decay products are removed from the body.
And with anabolism, the synthesis of complex organic substances from the simplest ones is provided, while absorbing energy.

In fact, the key to success is the right diet.

Nutritionists advise eating often, but little by little, since metabolic processes slow down when there are long breaks between meals. You also need to know about the ratio of the main groups of products: proteins (40%), carbohydrates (40%), fats (20%).
Scientists have found that those people who are actively involved in sports, even during rest, burn more energy than those who prefer a more sedentary lifestyle.

The metabolic scheme in the human body

This is due to the fact that they have more muscle tissue, and a lot of energy goes to its nutrition.
Even during sleep, the athlete's metabolism is 40 more than others. Knowing this, you can regulate the metabolism of physical activities - jogging on the street, weight training, fitness, etc. These physical activities will not help us build muscle, but will increase the acceleration of metabolism after training.
All loads must be regular. If we want to speed up the metabolism, playing sports, then you need to know what sports nutrition is.

There are many healthy foods to speed up your metabolism.
Proteins - Protein food in the body is absorbed more than fats and carbohydrates. Scientists have studied that the inclusion of a protein sports supplement in your diet is not superfluous, since protein shakes do not contain excess carbohydrates and fats, and therefore increase the metabolic rate.
Thermogenesis is the ability of our body to produce heat. In the fight against extra pounds, the acceleration of metabolism will help special fat burners, which can be purchased in pharmacies. They are suitable for both men and women. Of these extracts are yohombin, forskolin, caffeine, etc. There are also such healthy fats that accelerate the production of hormones that accelerate metabolism. Of these, for example, Omega-3 has an effect on the levels of the hormone leptin, CLA, Fit, and Health.

To speed up metabolism, you need to abandon simple carbohydrates - sugar, jam, chocolate, potatoes, etc.
It is these carbohydrates in the body that are absorbed faster, and lead to an increase in blood sugar.
The body distributes glucose into cells, turning all excess into adipose tissue. Avoiding this, you need to change simple carbohydrates for cereals, whole grain bread.
And natural sources of protein are found in fish, lean beef, nuts, white chicken, etc.

The body needs water to process calories. If a person has a slight dehydration, then the metabolism slows down, and to avoid this before each meal, you need to drink a glass of water.
It is even better to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, in which there is a lot of liquid. Consumption of green tea helps speed up metabolism. Metabolism is also accelerated by spicy foods. During a meal you can add a little spicy food or spices to your food.
And so, in order to speed up the metabolism, you need to eat right and exercise regularly, then the result is guaranteed.

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