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House order: advice from a housewife

Today I want to talk about how to come to the aid of the housewives to clean and tidy the house, while not taking away a lot of time and energy.
What is the perfect order?
The ideal order in the house is comfort, an apartment without dust, without things scattered throughout the house. But, unfortunately, to achieve this order, and even when the children grow up in the family, sometimes not just for the hostess.

House order

Things and garbage - in our daily lives, and even we are all living people and eat, and play, do something all the time. I offer you some useful and useful tips from housewives.
In order to avoid the need for hours of cleaning, I decided to divide the cleaning into small portions for each day, and clean it every day.

In fact, maintaining order in the apartment is not very difficult, the main thing is to clean it in a timely manner and immediately.
  1. If you are planning to clean the apartment, do not grab everything. Each item should have its own place in the house.
  2. When buying a new thing, you need to find where to put it, and all households must know where to put it after use.
  3. The thing must be returned to its place after use.
  4. It is necessary to vacuum the floor, because in this way you can get rid of dust and debris, and it will be much easier to wash the floors.
  5. You need to pay attention to the area under the batteries and, of course, along the baseboards, because the largest amount of dirt always accumulates there.

In the morning, when I woke up, the very first thing I did was to make a bed in the bedroom, open the windows for airing and go into the hallway and then into the kitchen, and on the way I clean everything in its place.
Your children should also participate in the process: lay out discs, books, toys in places.
One of the most popular places in the house is, of course, the kitchen, where all households live. The most significant problem is dirty dishes. All family members should be in the habit of washing dishes after themselves after eating.
Every day, care must be taken to remove expired products from the refrigerator, remove garbage, wipe all work surfaces and, of course, the stove immediately after eating.
Every time after you wash the dishes, you definitely need to wash the floor in the kitchen. It will not take much time, but it will ensure cleanliness and order.
Every morning, wiping the dust on the shelves, on the working surface, on the windowsills and wiping the floors, you can not only keep clean and tidy in the house, but also maintain a figure in shape.
The bathroom and toilet are a symbol of cleanliness at home. The toilet, sink and bath must be cleaned with special detergents. A tile can be sprinkled with a special window cleaner, and then with a brush to clean all the dirt.
Bath accessories and cosmetics must be cleaned from soapy deposits. You certainly need to purchase a special basket for dirty clothes. And in the end you should wash the floor.

In order not to get bogged down in your home routine, it would be nice to devote one day off in order to communicate with your family outside the home: travel, hiking, walking, guests, cinemas.

It will turn out not only quite pleasant communication with relatives, but also rest from the walls of the house, and there will be less cleaning.
They say that in order to get homesick, you need to leave home for a few days.

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