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Dolma with grape leaves

Photo of the finished dish: Dolma with grape leaves

Recipe Recommendations "Dolma with grape leaves"

A dish of minced meat in grape leaves has a different name in different countries - dolma, tolma, cabbage rolls.
Today we will introduce you to the Armenian version of cooking dolma from ground beef in grape leaves.

Where to get grape leaves for dolma?

Housewives, when preparing dolma, first of all, they care about the question: where to get grape leaves? It is unlikely that a vine grows under your window and you can always pick fresh young leaves.

Fresh grape leaves Grape leaves prepared for dolma

Therefore, in the summer, try to find in the market grandmothers who sell these very young leaves. If you cook dolma from fresh leaves of grapes, then you need to rinse them first, and then pour boiling water and leave for 3-4 minutes.
If a fresh version of the leaves is not available, then salty leaves can be purchased.

Salted grape leaves in jars Washed grape leaf

If you bought a salty version for your dolma, then before using the leaves, fill them with plenty of warm water and leave overnight. So excess salt will come out of them.

In addition, before cooking, each sheet will need to be thoroughly washed.

Do not forget that the leaves are already salted, so at the final stage of preparation of dolma (when cooking), it is worth considering this fact so that dolma does not turn out to be salted.

If you could not find either fresh or salted leaves, then in the supermarket you can buy canned leaves. In any version of grape leaves (fresh, salted or canned) before preparing dolma, you need to cut the cuttings from each leaf.

How to make minced dolma in grape leaves

Step 1

First of all, we wash the rice thoroughly and fill it with hot water.
At this time, grind meat and onions in a meat grinder, add chopped herbs and spices to taste.
Drain the rice and add it to the minced meat. We mix everything.
The filling for dolma in grape leaves is ready.

Step 2

put 25-30 grams of minced meat

Now put a grape leaf on a cutting board.
Which grape leaves to take and where, look a little higher in the recommendations section.
We spread 25-30 grams of minced meat (about 1 tablespoon) on it.

Step 3

Turn off

Turn as shown in the photo.

Step 4

twist dolma - tolma

Thus, twist the dolma (tolma) until the leaves or filling are over. It rarely happens when they end at the same time.

Step 5

dolma in the pan

For cooking dolma, it is advisable to choose a pan with a thick bottom.
The bottom is completely covered with a layer of grape leaves, and then densely lay together in layers dolma - minced meat twisted with grape leaves.

Step 6

Top with a layer of grape leaves

We cover the dolma with a layer of grape leaves on top so that the dolma does not emerge and unfold during cooking.

Step 7

put a plate on top

Next, put on top a plate of a suitable size. Pour the contents of the pan with water so that the water reaches the level of the top leaves of the grapes.
If fresh leaves were used, then a little salt should be added.
We put dolma to simmer over low heat for 50-60 minutes.

Step 8

Ready Dolma with Sauce

Serve the cooked dolma on a hot table with yogurt and garlic sauce. Yogurt can be replaced with sour cream.

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