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Relationship Aggression - Test

If the interlocutor is too phlegmatic or aggressive, then many will try not to communicate with these categories of people.

Aggressive interlocutor is always unpleasant

With this test, you can determine your type, whether you are interested in communicating with people or belong to one of the above categories.
After passing the aggressiveness test, you yourself can adjust your relations with others and become a welcome conversationalist in any circle.
To achieve greater objectivity in the results, we advise you to answer for each other, that is, your colleagues are responsible for you, and you for them.

I. Are you inclined to seek ways to reconciliation after the next official conflict?


II. How do you behave in a critical situation?

Boil internally
Keep calm
Lose your temper

III. What do your colleagues consider you to be?

Self-confident and envious
Calm and unenvious

IV. How will you react if you are offered a responsible position?

Accept her with some concern
Agree without hesitation
Give it up for your own peace of mind

V. How will you behave if one of your colleagues takes paper from your desk without permission?

Give him the "first number"
Make return
Ask if he needs anything else

VI. What words will you meet your husband (wife) if he (she) returned from work later than usual?

What is it that delayed you so much?
Where do you stick out late?
I have already begun to worry.

VII. How do you drive a car?

Are you trying to overtake a car that "showed you the tail"?
You don't care how many cars cost you
Rush so fast that no one catches up with you

VIII. What do you think of your views on life?

Extremely tough

IX. What do you do if not everything works out?

Trying to blame others
Humble yourself
Be careful from now on

X. How do you react to feuilleton about cases of licentiousness among modern youth?

It’s time to already forbid them such entertainment
It is necessary to create an opportunity for them to have an organized and cultural vacation.
And why do we deal with them so much?

XI. What do you feel if the place you wanted to take went to another?

And why did I just spend my nerves on this?
It is evident that his chef's face is more pleasant.
Maybe I will succeed another time.

XII. How do you watch a scary movie?

Miss you.
Get sincere pleasure.

XIII. If you are late for an important meeting due to traffic congestion?

You will be nervous during the meeting.
Try to induce indulgence of partners.

XIV. How do you feel about your sporting success?

Be sure to try to win.
Appreciate the pleasure of feeling young again.
Get very angry if you're unlucky.

XV. What will you do if you were poorly served in a restaurant?

Bear with it, avoiding scandal.
Call the head waiter and make a comment.
Go complaining to the restaurant director.

XVI. How will you behave if your child is offended at school?

Talk to the teacher.
Scandal the parents of the "juvenile delinquent."
Advise your child to give back.

XVII. What do you think you are?


XVIII. What will you answer to the subordinate whom you encountered at the door of the institution if he began to apologize to you?

Sorry, this is my fault. What about you?
Nothing, nothing.
But you can’t be more closely ?!

XIX. How do you respond to a newspaper article about cases of hooliganism among young people?

When, finally, concrete measures will be taken ?!
Corporal punishment must be introduced.
You can’t blame everything on young people, the educators are to blame!

XX. Imagine that you have to be born again, but already an animal. Which animal do you prefer?

Tiger or leopard.
Domestic cat.


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